The reviews of REJS Jazz

REJS is one of the most beautiful organizations any artist can have to present their art. The promotional support, the lay-out, the overall energy and effort that REJS exercises is very rare. They have set a standard that a lot of other businesses supporting live music should make their business example. I felt so loved and welcome to present my music and can't wait to come back. Shirazette and Sonic WallPaper thank you!

Shirazette Tinnin and Sonic Wallpaper09/15/2017

My experience with REJS Entertainment and Eric Thomas has been always amazing, They are extremely professional and always put together the best shows for me and allowing me to focus on the music. They are taking care of everything and always go beyond my expectations. Promoting the shows, organizing the concert, selling the tickets and the CDs at the intermission. Throughout the years they have helped build a great relationship with my audience and I couldn’t think about a better organization to do music with.
— Scott Tixier
 "REJS is one of the most innovative creative production groups in Central New Jersey, and their shows present some of the most talented jazz artists that are on the scene today.  To experience a show is simply said, "An out of this world experience." As an artist, performing there is being among family!"

-Steve Carrington

REJS is a wonderful platform for all musicians. I first did a show with REJS a few years ago in Trenton, and every year, the events get bigger better, and more exciting to perform at. Everyone who is involved with REJS entertainment is warm, caring and truly want the best for the musicians who are performing. They always want to showcase new talent as well as bring in young musicians to highlight their potential. What I love most about REJS entertainment is how they have a love for the music as well as the people they work with. They truly believe in bringing together good talent as well as showcasing young high school musicians. They care!! REJS has a special place in my heart and I know will continue to be a great success in the future. Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of the REJS entertainment and play shows for you. You have been wonderful and we are always grateful to perform for such wonderful people. You are THE BEST!!!
— Shamie Royston

"My collaboration with REJS Entertainment has been very positive. I had the chance to perform with my band and as sideman with Scott Tixier and each time, it was a pleasure to work with Eric, Rich, James and Howard. Most importantly they really know how to organize a show and bring the crowd in! Five Stars!!

Yvonnick Prene

Performing at Tavern on the Lake in Hightstown was an enjoyable experience. The intimacy that you feel from the space of the venue makes you feel like you’re performing for family & friends. However with the unique lay out you still feel like you are presenting a concert for your fans. The audience members are very enthusiastic. This inspires the artist immensely.
I look forward to returning to this wonderful environment to continue to bring some positivity through the love of jazz music.

Charnett Moffett.

REJS Entertainment is an organization that has championed the arts and enriched communities throughout the Greater New York Metropolitan area. As a jazz musician, it has been an honor and a pleasure to work with REJS Entertainment in order to share my music with their audiences. The world needs more people like the folks behind REJS Entertainment. 

Nick Biello
NYC Saxophonist and Composer