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Hope all is well!

REJS Entertainment would like to thank all who attended our events and visited our website. This season was a success because of you. The fall season will begin sometime in September 2016. Stay tuned!


Use the site below to view a clip of the

performance by

Mark Whitfield 

Here is the schedule of air times:

July 19 at 10 pm

July 23 at 10 am

July 24 at 8 pm

July 29 at 10 am

July 30 at 10 pm

The easiest way to view the video is to go to the TV station website: 


REJS Entertainment

Rich, Eric, James, and Jacque

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Bringing amazing musicians to the New Jersey Area to broaden the variety of music events in the communities we live in.

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From vibraphones to saxophones, we strive to bring a variety of music styles into your life at fun and affordable events.



Workshops will soon be offered by REJS for the young & young at heart alike to learn and appreciate the Jazz Music Genre